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  1. MLB Rumors MLB Quick Takes 💥 🤔 Joe Kelly's suspension unfair? 😬 Cubs bullpen is a mess 🔥 MLB's newest ace has arrived 📲 More takeaways from MLB's opening week.
  2. Latest Hot Rumors and News. Sony’s smallest and cheapest Full Frame camera is coming in mid September (named A5 or A6?) Sony registered another new E-mount camera in Taiwan: Probably the new A5-A6 camera! LEAKED: Sigma will announce a new 85mm f/ FE lens with completely new design on August 6th;.
  3. Rumor definition, a story or statement in general circulation without confirmation or certainty as to facts: a rumor of war. See more.
  4. Aug 07,  · Rumors suggest Apple will offer four iPhones in three different sizes, with Apple introducing new sizes for the first time in a few years.. So far, rumors indicate we'll see a .
  5. (American) rumor (ˈruːmə) noun 1. a piece of news or a story passed from person to person, which may not be true. I heard a rumour that you had got a new job.
  6. years Nikon Adapters Adobe Adobe Lightroom Black Friday Carl Zeiss CFExpress memory card DxoMark test results Firmware updates Irix lens adapters for Nikon Z-mount lens only rebates Nikon & NASA Nikon 1 AW1 Nikon 1 V3 Nikon AF-S Nikkor mm f/E ED VR lens Nikon AF-S Nikkor mm f/E ED VR lens Nikon AF-S NIKKOR mm f/E PF.
  7. Latest Hot Rumors and News (FT5) First leaked real world images of the new Olympus mm f/ IS lens (FT5) Leaked images of the new E-M10IV (FT5) Leaked images of the new Olympus mm f/ IS lens (FT5) This is the full Olympus E-M10IV spec sheet.
  8. Daily links to National Football League news from every major newspaper in America.
  9. NBA rumors, news and videos from the best sources on the web. Sign up for the NBA newsletter!

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